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Love Bitch: Yasashii Onna

Love Bitch: Yasashii Onna

Chisato is a shy and pretty girl at university, all the guys go crazy over her. Sato is no exception, he has long been in love with her, but he cannot express his feelings, since Chisato is constantly meeting with someone. Sato is so in love that even when, having decided to piss out in the toilet, once another, between couples, he did not leave the thought of the object of his adoration. Suddenly she appears in the toilet, but not alone, along with her classmate Miura, who is currently her boyfriend. They came for the sake of copulation, their relationship is a little rude, it was a sin not to spy on, but when you see someone there is a high probability that they see you too, it turned out awkward. Miura, realizing how hopelessly in love with Sato, did not become jealous, but on the contrary began to tease him in every possible way, bragging about how good his girlfriend was. And the girl turned out to be far from simple, and not at all modest.


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